Home Loan renovation and energy savings.

Do you own a house or an apartment and are you planning energy renovations? Would you like to get started in the repair of insulation, glazing and heating by taking advantage of the least energy-consuming materials? Do you want to reduce the amounts of your invoices? To carry out your home improvement projects, consider taking out a consumer loan to facilitate financing! You can also count on the welcome assistance offered by the State. Detailed review.

Renovating your home: why such an investment?

Renovating your home: why such an investment?

Materials, labor, long-term work at home … Going into renovating your home is like starting an obstacle course. But this investment has a goal: by transforming all or part of your house or your apartment with less energy-consuming materials, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of your heating and hot water costs, and even see your EDF bills melt like snow in the sun! The investment is heavy, of course; but the return on investment is guaranteed.

The intention to renovate your home and thus save energy can arise from several motivations: saving on expenses; improve the comfort of housing, as well as the living conditions of the occupants (a better insulated house is also more pleasant to live in); protect the environment ; enhance its heritage. Whatever the original motivation, know that energy renovation works will always help to optimize these four points! You will feel better at home, while saving money and protecting the planet, while your real estate investment will gain in value.

What savings will you make?

What savings will you make?

Whether changing a boiler, completely re-insulating the walls and roof, or installing double-glazed windows everywhere, there are many jobs that can lead to energy savings in the long term . You should know that most thermal renovation projects can save at least 25% on its energy consumption volumes.

The most interesting energy renovation stations

However, some work stations are more interesting than others when it comes to saving energy. In particular, these 3 types of work make it possible to quickly benefit from the profitability of renovation operations:

  • Insulation of the attic. Good insulation of lost roof spaces (that is to say, undeveloped) leads to significant energy savings, since the roof spaces are usually the cause of high heat loss, in particular. The thermal improvement of housing can thus reach 27%. In terms of depreciation, 3 to 4 years after the work is enough to make savings. (Count between 2,500 and 5,000 $ for this workstation.)
  • A more efficient heating mode. An old boiler can become a real energy sink. Opting for a newer, more efficient and better suited heating system can save you 28%. The condensing boiler is the ideal option, in terms of comfort and savings, for depreciation over 4 or 5 years. (Count between 3,000 and 8,000 $ depending on the type of equipment.)
  • Wall insulation. Heat losses are due, most often, to the lack of wall insulation; improvement works in this direction can achieve energy savings of 25%, depending on whether the insulation is made from the inside or the outside. Amortization is longer (11 to 20 years), but the effects are lasting. (Count between $ 6,000 and $ 12,000 for the work.)

Perform an energy audit

Before embarking on renovations to your home, you can request an energy audit (this is mandatory for certain condominiums: see here). The advantage of the audit is that it allows you to probe the major energy loss positions, those that you will need to renovate in the first place. Because it would be counterproductive to invest in a change of boiler if it is so that the heat produced is not kept in the housing because of poor insulation of the walls!

Why use a credit broker?

Why use a credit broker?

And the cost, in all of this? Just do the math: for these 3 examples of energy renovation workstations, the bill can climb up to $ 25,000! And it can happily cross this threshold if you want to use ecological materials, more efficient, but also more expensive.

How to do ? The energy renovation of the home represents a real investment, with long-term profitability. This is why they require basic financing which can go through obtaining consumer credit – and possibly credit dedicated to works. For this purpose, do not hesitate to take the advice of a broker: he will be able to guide you among the lending organizations and find the most attractive rate, in line with your needs (your real estate broker can easily play this role, because he knows the intricacies of energy renovation work).

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